Top PC game genres on Steam: Simulation and Strategy tags still generate buzz

Game discoverability expert Simon Carless has shared some data on top Steam tags. The chart is dominated by different simulation and strategy subgenres, with platform and puzzle titles generating much less interest among PC players. Carless posted the list in the latest episode of the GameDiscoverCo newsletter. It is based on the Steam Hype charts … Read more

Now That ‘Gundam Evolution’ Is Finally Out, I Have To Find A Way To Deal With People Mispronouncing Mobile Suit Names

‘Gundam Evolution’ is now available on PC. Bandai Namco After all the delays, the free-to-play shooter Gundam Evolution is finally here and streamers are already having a field day with mispronouncing mobile suit names. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving all the enthusiasm online for the game and the high-pitched cries that certain mobile … Read more

More Than Just 2022’s Funniest Game

‘Trombone Champ’ is now available on Steam, and it’s worth every penny. Holy Wow It’s not often that a game comes out of nowhere to absolutely dominate social media overnight. Then again, it’s incredibly rare that video clips from a new title make you cry with laughter within 15 seconds, as players use a trombone … Read more

Steam Is Permanently Revealing Its Highest Earning And Most Played Games Lists

Steam Charts Steam In an industry that is often woefully opaque, Steam is going against the grain by revealing a treasure trove of data for analysis going forward. While sites like SteamDB and Steamcharts have been doing at least some of this for a while for playercounts, Steam has launched its own version of Steam … Read more

Logitech’s Game Pass Streaming Handheld Is Too Expensive

Having a (relatively) small device that can play basically any big game on it is a cool idea, and that’s what I love about Valve’s Steam Deck. But the Deck can be a bit bulky, and its battery just doesn’t last sometimes. Plus it doesn’t work easily with Xbox Game Pass. So the idea of … Read more

Steam’s First Fully AI-Generated PC Game Was Met With Hostility

Screenshot: Cute Pen Games It was bound to happen. AI-generated art pieces are popping up in competitions, despite much controversy, and they’re likely already flooding your social media feeds in some way or form. The big promise behind the ability to generate detailed images with just a few prompts and clicks, after all, is the … Read more