Square Enix Is Drowning 2022 With RPGs, And We’re Here For It

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku 2022 is a great year to be an RPG fan, particularly of Japanese games. The holiday season is usually crowded with new game releases, but this year Square Enix appears to be releasing games like it’s Christmas all year round. With so many out already, and so many more to … Read more

Valkyrie Elysium Has Multiple Endings, Roughly 20 Hours Long, with More Content Coming

Valkyrie Elysium launches in just a few days, on 29th September, and we have gleaned some new information from the upcoming action RPG from the Famitsu review of the game via Noisy Pixel. Firstly, the title will take roughly 20 hours to complete, and secondly, the game will feature multiple endings, providing an incentive to … Read more

Anniversary: Dragon Quest V Is 30 Years Old Today

Image: Square Enix One of the Super Famicom’s most-celebrated RPGs turns 30 today in Japan. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride was the series’ first game on the 16-bit console, and even today, Dragon Quest V is fondly remembered, despite the game not receiving an official Western release until its 2009 DS port. … Read more

Take-Two Ditches Outriders Developer’s Latest Action-Adventure

Screenshot: People Can Fly Developer People Can Fly has just received another blow of bad news. After learning earlier this year that the studio didn’t see a penny of profit from Outriders during 2021, it’s now been revealed that Rockstar and 2K Games parent company Take-Two has made clear its intent to abandon publishing PCF’s … Read more

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Producer: “We Didn’t Think About Making It HD-2D”

Image: Square Enix One of the most exciting games amidst Square Enix’s huge slate of releases over the next six months is Tactics Ogre: Reborn, an enhanced version of the PSP version of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the classic Super Famicom strategy RPG. And given Square Enix’s recent retro visual style in HD-2D, … Read more

NieR: Automata Anime Release Date Revealed, Set to Blow YoRHa Minds in January 2023

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube An anime series based on the excellent NieR: Automata will launch in January, 2023. Titled NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a, the series is being developed by A-1 Studios, an animation house of high repute, responsible for the virtually immaculate Persona 4: Golden adaptation. We got several minutes of footage to … Read more

Automata’s Anime Series Gets a First Look

Image: A-1 Pictures PlatinumGames’ Nier: Automata is considered one of the best games of the 2010s, and in the last five years, the love for it has grown as it’s been replayed and expanded to other platforms. (Recent Secret doors also helped.) While it’s not clear if there’ll be a follow up to the game, … Read more

Octopath Traveler Gets Switch Sequel, Out In February 2023

Screenshot: Nintendo / Square Enix In a surprise announcement, Nintendo revealed during this morning’s Direct that there’s a sequel to Octopath Traveler on the way, and it’s due out in only five months. The 2018 role-playing game was a huge hit for Square Enix, with a mobile prequel out only a couple of months ago. … Read more

Valkyrie Elysium’s Free November Update to Add New Game Mode, Difficulty Options

Valkyrie Elysium marks the return of the cult-classic Valkyrie series of action RPGs and is set to launch on PS5 and PS4 on 29th September. A demo for the game is available now on the PlayStation Store, and we went hands-on with the title, and think it’s shaping up to be a pleasant surprise. Another … Read more

PS5, PS4 Port of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Delayed to December

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth was originally a PS1 (and later PSP) title that’s being ported to PS5 and PS4. It’s also included as part of Valkyrie Elysium’s Deluxe Edition, and was set to release on the same day. Unfortunately, with the action RPG just a week or so away from launch, the Lenneth port has been … Read more