God of War Ragnarok Game Length Is Reportedly Worthy of Jörmungandr Himself

God of War Ragnarok fast approaches, as if Fimbulwinter had just ended, with the sequel to 2018’s God of War set to launch on 9th November. It is reportedly going to be a journey worthy of the sagas themselves, with a full playthrough supposedly taking about 40 hours. That’s according to the reliable Tom Henderson … Read more

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has Been in Development Longer Than Literally Any Game, Ever

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has officially been in development longer than any other game, ever, overtaking previous Guinness World Record holder Duke Nukem Forever (in the category of longest development period for a video game) for that particular dubious honour. Brendan Sinclair, the managing editor for GamesIndustry.biz, noticed the feat and put it quite … Read more

Next No Man’s Sky PS5, PS4 Update to Streamline Game for Newcomers, Veterans

No Man’s Sky, following its complicated PS4 launch, has grown exponentially in the six years since. The game, which has received over 20 free updates, is pretty much a different beast: while its expansive universe remains, there’s much more to discover in it than there’s ever been. For newcomers, this presents a completely new problem: … Read more

PS Studios Malaysia Achieves Next Major Milestone with Futuristic Workspace

PS Studios Malaysia, the first-party support studio located in Kuala-Lumpur, has achieved its next major milestone: a gorgeous, futuristic workspace for its team to collaborate in. Photographs of the office were shared by studio head Hasnul Hadi on Twitter, which reveal a spaceship-like sliding glass door entrance, marked with PlayStation’s iconic symbols on the wall. … Read more

God of War Ragnarok Rated for Release on PS5, PS4 by ESRB

God of War Ragnarok’s hotly anticipated release is fast approaching, and further evidence of its impending 9th November launch has emerged as part of its ESRB summary. While the classification – which includes an age rating for the US audience – is light on any particularly illuminating information, it does confirm that you should expect … Read more

Leaked Sony Document Supposedly Sheds Light on PS5’s Portfolio

A leaked document purportedly including information on upcoming PlayStation Studios projects, mentioned as part of the Horizon Zero Dawn remaster rumours, has allegedly surfaced. It should be noted that we haven’t been able to independently verify the veracity of the spreadsheet, and it would potentially be a fairly easy thing to fake. Some of the … Read more

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Rumors Upset Bloodborne Fans

Rumors of a PlayStation 5 remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn percolating online quickly became yet another thorn in the side of Bloodborne players who’ve been desperately wondering when it’s going to be their turn for Papa Sony to acknowledge their favorite game. The rumor of a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster was first reported by gaming … Read more

Lead Disco Elysium Devs ‘Involuntarily’ Left Studio ZA/UM, Sequel Still in the Works

Update: In response to today’s story, ZA/UM has issued the following statement: “Like any video game, the development of Disco Elysium was and still is a collective effort, with every team member’s contribution essential and valued as part of a greater whole. At this time, we have no further comment to make other than the … Read more

New PS5, PS4 Games This Week (3rd October to 9th October) – Guide

Image: Push Square What new PS5 and PS4 games are releasing in physical retailers and as part of the PS Store update this week? The release schedule slows down significantly this week, but there’s a big hitter dropping in the form of the free-to-play Overwatch 2. For a full list of all new PS5 game … Read more

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster for PS5 Reportedly in Development

Here is a head-scratcher for your Sunday evening: Sony is reportedly remastering Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5. The claim is made by website MP1ST, citing multiple sources, and more online personalities in the know have come out publicly to say the project is real. Some even say they’ve seen it themselves. This does indeed seem … Read more