Every Upcoming Star Wars Video Game That Has Been Announced, Ranked

Starting in 2023 onward with, Lucasfilm Games have several titles planned and/or in development including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Over the years, there have been many Star Wars games, but ever since Disney purchased and relaunched the brand, the amount of Star Wars games released has lessened.

However, with the main line of Star Wars movies finished and the franchise expanding into new side stories, Disney and Lucasfilm Games have revealed multiple new titles to flesh out the universe. From RPGs to new first-person shooters, the future for Star Wars games seems bright with a wide variety of options to choose from as well as plenty more likely on the way.


8 Knights Of The Old Republic Remake


Fans of the classic Star Wars RPG from BioWare have been excited about the idea of a remaster of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. So, it got them even more excited that the game was getting a full-on remake from Aspyr, who had been behind modern ports of classic Star Wars games including The Force Unleashed and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

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Unfortunately, it would seem that fans of Knights Of The Old Republic are going to have to wait longer for the remake after Aspyr was bought by Embracer Group. The remake was not canceled, but now Lucasfilm Games are forced to find a new development team for the project.

7 Star Wars: Hunters


With games such as Star Wars: Battlefront, this franchise is no stranger to online multiplayer experiences. With Star Wars: Hunters, the franchise will be embracing the online arena battle subgenre in a similar vein as Overwatch or Paladins. The hook is that Star Wars: Hunters will be free-to-play and exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

However, instead of taking on previously established characters in the Star Wars canon, Star Wars: Hunters will introduce a plethora of new characters including Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Scoundrels, and Sith of a wide variety of species through the galaxy.


Skydance New Media is a development team headed by Amy Hennig who worked on the Uncharted franchise. It was unveiled that they would be working on a new Star Wars project, but unfortunately they have yet to reveal what that project is other than rumors of a revival of Project Ragtag, one of the most infamously canceled Star Wars games.

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Fans will be even more curious what Skydance Media is up to since it was recently revealed that they are developing a Black Panther/Captain America game for Marvel.

5 Untitled UbiSoft Star Wars Game


Despite their ups and downs, UbiSoft titles are always anticipated releases every year, which is why many were excited when Lucasfilm Games and UbiSoft announced a partnership and a new game. Very little has been revealed about this game other than that it will be a story-driven open-world adventure.

Since the Star Wars franchise has expanded and made so many famous characters, this could go in any direction. It could focus on a bounty hunter to emulate the style of The Mandalorian, a Sith to provide a different experience than other Jedi-focused games, or it could be about a smuggler á la Han Solo. Whatever the case may be, games such as Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry showcase that UbiSoft knows how to do open-worlds.

4 Untitled Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Game


With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment pleasantly surprised fans with one of the best Star Wars games ever made. EA was certainly pleased enough that they have appointed Respawn to be in charge of not only the sequel, but two other Star Wars games.

One has been revealed to be a first-person shooter Star Wars, and it was still in very early stages of development when it was announced. Respawn Entertainment got their start with shooters via the Titanfall games, which spun off with Apex Legends. There hasn’t been a new FPS Star Wars game since the release ofStar Wars: Battlefront II in 2017; it could be a new Battlefront or perhaps something more akin to Republic Commando.

3 Untitled Respawn Star Wars Strategy Game


Respawn will also be collaborating with a new studio known as Bit Reactor to create a strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. A developer who worked on games such as XCOM and the Civilization games are reported to be working on the game which may be a hint as to what kind of strategy game it could be.

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XCOM was considered one of the best turned-based tactics games, and Star Wars could easily fit that style of gameplay. However, if they embrace the even more ambitious style of Civilization, it would be interesting to see a game like that, since the last time Star Wars embraced that style was with Star Wars: Empire At War.

2 Star Wars: Eclipse


From Quantic Dream, the team behind story-driven games such as Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, and Quantum Break are taking on a Star Wars game set before the events of The Phantom Menace. Unlike most other upcoming titles, more details and even a trailer have been revealed for Star Wars: Eclipse.

Star Wars: Eclipse is said to have a unique story set within the time of the High Republic with an ensemble cast of characters that all have an impact on each other. That gives the impression that this game will have the same branching story decisions similar to their other games. However, there is no information on if it will also have action gameplay like Quantum Break or if it will stick to being a cinematic experience.

1 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


Almost three years later, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order still has new and old players booting it up. Mixing Soulsborne-esque combat with Metroidvania exploration and a now-iconic story turned Fallen Order into a massive success, so a sequel was inevitable. Earlier this year at Star Wars Celebration 2022, Respawn and Lucasfilm Games unveiled the first look at the sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Cal Kestis and the Mantis crew are back for a new adventure even further along in the years of the Empire than before. The trailer had fans excited to see Cameron Monaghan back as Cal with his friend BD-1. However, it also made fans go wild with theories as to who the mysterious figures are in both the bacta tank and the Sith robes. Could they be the same character? Nobody knows except those at Respawn Entertainment at the moment.

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