Best Kim Seon-ho K-dramas To Watch

Best Kim Seon-Ho K-dramas Kim Seon-Ho is a South Korean actor who began his career as a stage actor appearing in various plays before his debut as a screen actor in 2017. His charming smile, dimples, and philanthropic heart are just a few things that viewers find attractive about him. His talent has seen him … Read more

Disney Announces Its Answer to ‘Pokemon Go’ With New Marvel Game

Marvel has been revealing many incredible mobile games over the past few years, including but not limited to Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Future Revolution, and Marvel Contest of Champions.  However, none of them have maximized the use of augmented reality, similar to what Niantic’s Pokemon Go did.  Pokemon Go is a memorable game due to … Read more

Sorry, Nintendo, Everyone’s Having A Hard Time Remembering It’s Tears Of The Kingdom, Not BOTW 2

Nintendo, ever the iconoclasts, chose the most recent Nintendo Direct to announce not the GameCube Zelda remakes we’re certain they’ve already finished, nor any information about the upcoming Mario movie, but instead to surprise-reveal the official title of Breath of the Wild 2 . It was The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Except, … Read more