Two aircraft involved in ‘minor collision’ on runway at Heathrow | Heathrow airport

Two aircraft have been involved in a “minor collision” on the runway at Heathrow, the airport has said. Emergency services are at the scene but no injuries have been reported. An Icelandair plane and Korean Air aircraft are understood to have had a collision on the airfield at about 8pm on Wednesday, which is being … Read more

Liz Truss’s ‘favourite’ economist says chancellor ‘took his eye off ball’ and ‘overstepped the mark’ with mini-budget | Politics News

Prime Minister Liz Truss’s external adviser on the economy has told Sky News that the chancellor had “taken his eye off the ball” and “overstepped the mark” with his mini-budget. Gerard Lyons, who is often referred to as Ms Truss’s ‘favourite’ economist, said Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng failed to adequately prepare the financial markets ahead of … Read more

English district councils warn support services for poorest face axe | Local government

A network of councils in England is warning support services for families hit hardest by the cost of living crisis face being axed amid an unexpected £400m bill caused by soaring inflation. Services that district councils have no legal obligation to provide – such as debt and benefits advice, hardship funds for families, homelessness prevention … Read more

Bank of England in £65bn scramble to avert financial crisis | Bank of England

The Bank of England has been forced into emergency action to halt a run on Britain’s pension funds after the impact of Kwasi Kwarteng’s ill-received mini budget prompted fears of a 2008-style financial crisis. Threadneedle Street said the fallout from a dramatic rise in government borrowing costs since the chancellor’s statement had left it with … Read more

Liz Truss must hold her nerve as the world tips into a calamitous recession

For the past 25 years, and especially since the financial crisis, the global economy has taken a disastrous wrong turn for which we are about to pay a hideous price. In one of the gravest intellectual errors since communism, many of the world’s cleverest people thought they had discovered the secret to perpetual prosperity. Forget … Read more

UK economy is ‘strong’ and heading for ‘radical change’

She is also expected to say that the UK-US trading relationship must act as a counter to protectionism and authoritarian regimes. “The UK-US economic partnership is the clearest possible example of why free trade and free markets are not just integral to our growth but to the freedoms we share,” she is expected to say. … Read more

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe cuts her hair in protest over death of Mahsa Amini | Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has filmed herself cutting her hair in solidarity with protesters in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini. The past 11 days have seen significant unrest in the Middle Eastern country after the death in custody of Amini, who had been arrested on 13 September for refusing to wear a hijab. In line … Read more

Two aircraft in minor collision on ground at Heathrow | Travel News

Two aircraft have been involved in a minor collision at Heathrow. The incident occurred between an Icelandair and Koreanair plane, and emergency services are at the scene. No injuries have been reported and no significant impact on arrivals or departures is expected, but passengers are advised to check with their airlines on the status of … Read more

Labour membership rises as party ends conference buoyed by polls | Labour

Labour membership increased by more than 2,500 over the party’s conference, fuelled by the Conservatives’ turmoil and polls suggesting it is on course for victory. The conference in Liverpool was the most financially successful in the party’s history, according to insiders. A new poll by Deltapoll as the conference closed on Wednesday gave Labour a … Read more

Kwarteng’s fiscal pyrotechnics caused this mess – now we need some U-turns | Nils Pratley

The good news is that there are still officials at the heart of UK decision-making who can recognise a financial crisis when it is staring them in the face. That’s not saying much, admittedly, but at least the Bank of England, having fiddled nervously all week, has emerged from its bunker. It will buy long-dated … Read more