Department of Health promotes page on vaginal cancer that does not mention women

The Government is promoting an NHS advice page on vaginal cancer which doesn’t use the word ‘women’ — despite promising to crackdown on the woke de-sexing of medical language. The Department of Health and Social Care’s Twitter account yesterday promoted the page, which was quietly made gender-neutral last year.  In November 2021, the page had … Read more

Say goodbye to BMI! Doctors want to check your waist-to-hip ratio instead

Body mass index (BMI) has long been the go-to way of scrutinising whether we’re in shape or not. But its time may finally be up. Researchers claim the hated measurement should be ditched in favour of the waist-to-hip ratio. Looking at the lesser-known value offers doctors a better way of predicting whether someone will die … Read more

Babies in the womb ‘smile for carrots and cry at greens’, study suggests | UK News

Babies in the womb react positively to their mothers eating carrots but appear to cry after they have eaten green vegetables, a new study suggests. Researchers at Durham University took 4D ultrasounds of 100 pregnant women at 32 and 36 weeks, 20 minutes after consuming tablets filled with either carrot or kale powder. They found … Read more

Eat a handful of walnuts a day to lower your blood pressure, study suggests

Eating a handful of walnuts a day could reduce your blood pressure, lower weight gain and in turn cut the risk of diabetes and heart disease, a new study finds. Scientists at the University of Minnesota un-earthed the miraculous potential benefits of the nuts after monitoring the diets of 3,300 people for more than 25 … Read more

Allergic to the world: can medicine help people with severe intolerance to chemicals? | Health & wellbeing

Sharon calls herself a universal reactor. In the 1990s, she became allergic to the world, to the mould colonising her home and the paint coating her kitchen walls, but also deodorants, soaps and anything containing plastic. Public spaces rife with artificial fragrances were unbearable. Scented disinfectants and air fresheners in hospitals made visiting doctors torture. … Read more