Avatar Reckoning: How to Pre-register, Release Date and Everything We Know


Avatar Reckoning’s developers just gave a quick update on the game, and fans of the James Cameron universe are eager to know more about it. Disney & Marvel Games Showcase just ended, and it shed some light on several titles from Marvel franchises. Many games premiered in the showcase, and many Marvel fans are already excited about the many titles that will come to the gaming market. Many mobile games were showcased at the event, so many players will have to start considering updating their mobile devices.

How to Pre-register in Avatar Reckoning

So far, there is not an official Pre-register process on the official Avatar: Reckoning page, so players will have to wait until further announcements from the developer and publisher. An old trailer released in June stated that the game will come somewhere in 2023. If we take this information with a grain of salt, we could get Avatar: Reckoning in the next few months. So a pre-register window could appear soon on the official Avatar: Reckoning website.

On the game’s official website, there is little to no information about the title. The website shows some background footage from the game, and it only lets users sign up for more information about the game, requiring an email and choosing the mobile platform where they intend to play.

Avatar Rechoning’s Release Date

In the game’s official early trailer, the description stated a 2023 release date. So we could be a few months away from experiencing this new MMO RPG Shooter set in James Cameron’s Pandora. The recent trailer ended with the narrator stating that the game will come soon to all mobile players, so we will likely be getting the game in the next few months or early 2023.

Everything We Know So Far

In the trailer, players could see many of the game’s elements featuring many things that any RPG fan will appreciate when the game comes out. The trailer featured character and weapon customization. Showing how players will be able to change their Avatar’s appearance and how they will be able to add and change their weapons attachments.

According to the trailer, players will go through single-player missions, different regions, sudden wildlife, and RDA Forces encounters. Also, being capable of going against or with other players in the many missions that Avatar Reckoning will offer. Said trailer also featured a small section in which a PvP takes place, and as players can see, users will also aim down sights, but the movement will occur in a third-person camera, similar to games like Vigor and Ghost Recon.

In a quick shot, players can see how the character glides in a parachute above an area of the map, showing many of the areas that players will get to explore. This short trailer shed some light on what could be the next big game in the mobile market. An MMO RPG Shooter of this scale could compete with titles like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy.

Avatar Reckoning does not have a release date yet. For more information about the title, go to the official Avatar Reckoning website.

– This article was updated on September 12th, 2022

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